Conditional sentences

Conditional sentences: There are three kinds of conditional sentence. They are 1. 1st condition 2. 2nd condition 3. 3rd condition.

1.1st condition: If+sub+present form of verb,sub+will/shall/can/may +present form of verb.
Examples:a.If you come, I will go.
b.If you work hard , you will prosper in life.
c.If you study hard, you will pass.
d. If it rains, I will not go there.
e.If you are industrious,you will prosper in life.
d.If you are sincere,you will prosper in life.
e.If Monika wears her green dress, she will look beautiful.
f.If you love me, I will love you.
h.If she hate, I will love her.
i.If she gets up early, she will enjoy a nice morning.
j.I will thank you, if you do this.
k. you will catch cold, if you play in the rain.
l.If you believe me, I will do the work.
m.If you walk fast, you will fall .
n.If she is in danger, I shall/will help him.
o.If she comes , I will go.
p.If you move, I will hold you.
q. If she does not move, she will die.
r.If you like it, I will buy it.
s. If you do not walk fast, you will miss the train.
t.If you try, you will be able to do the work.
u.If you give me the letter, I will post it.
v.If you are honest, you will speak the truth. can tell me the secret,if you believe me.
x.if you read more, you will know more.
y.If you make a noise, you will be punished.
z.If you take exercise regularly,you will/can/may be healthy.

2nd condition: If+sub+past form of main verb, sub+ would/could/might.
Some important examples:If I were you, I would kill him.
b.If she worked in this factory, she would prosper in life.
c.If you worked hard in my field, you would /might/could prosper in life.
d.If I were rich, I would help him.
e.If we all did the work together, We would prosper/succeed.
f.If I were a bird , I would fly in the sky.
g.If I had a lot of money, I would buy it.
h.If I won a Dv lottery, I would live in America.
g.If you were honest, all would believe you.
h. If she tried again, she would succeed.
g.If they knew your result, they would congratulate you.
i.If I saw her, I woul d call her.
j.If she walked fast, she would/could/ might catch the train.
k.If he came, I would go.
l.If the cat was hungry, I woul give it food.
m.If I had time, I would go there.
n.If I were you, I would help him.

3rd condition : If +past perfect ,sub+would have/could have/might have +p.p

Some important examples:
a.If I had known that you are in the college, I would have met you.
b.If he had come, I would go.
c.If you had studied hard, you would have succeed/ passed/prospered in life.
d. If I had seen him, I would have called him.
e.If you had made a good result in the exam, I would have taken your love offer.
f.If it had rained, I would have not gone to school.
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