Suppose you are a regular student of Section A in BBA program in the department of Business administration in uttara university. You have failed in several subjects. You want to retake the subjects..Now write an application to the principal for enrolment for the retake subjects.

21 May 2013
The principal
Uttara University
Subject: prayer for enrolment of the retake subjects.
I beg to state that I am a student of section A in 20th batch in BBA program in your university. But I have failed in 4 subjects . I want to retake the subjects.

May I therfore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to allow me for enrolment the retake subjects.
I remain
Your most obedient pupil
Id No:M20931111021
Batch: 20th (A)
Program: BBA
Department: Business Administration

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