write a paragraph on visit to the zoo.


Last winter my school had a holiday. Mr Mazhar , my uncle , took me and some of my friends to the Zoo at Mirpur in Dhaka. We went there by bus. We saw many big and small animals. We saw the lions , tigers, giraffes, rhinos, deer, snakes, bear, camels and crocodiles. We were scared to see some of the animals. But most of the animals were in cages. We saw the Royal Benglal Tiger of Bangladesh. It was big and beautiful. It was walking from this side to that side in the cage. We saw an ape . It jumped from bar to bar in the cage. We saw birds chirping in the cages. We saw the fish swimming in the water in tanks. We also saw some big elephants and some baby elephants. We went round the zoo for a long time. So we became tired but we enjoyed the visit to the zoo very much.[prepared by mazhar 01740163613 ]

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