Discuss the novel ‘Jane Eyre’by Charlotte Bronte as a love story.

Charlote Bronte is considered to be the woman novelist in the victorian period. She tells a story of love in her novel,Jane Eyre.Sh has narrated a love story between the hero and heroine. Jane Eyre is a love story.It is a novel of passion,love and mystery. In this novel, we find a striking treatment of love affair of Jane and Mr. Rochester.Mr . Rochester offers proposal of marriage to Jane. Jane agree with the propose. Marriage becomes the result of their passion and love. But Jane misunderstands Rochester suddenly.She deserts her. Her sojourn is very difficult.Yet she feels the presence of her lover in her heart. Rochester also waits eagerly for Jane. He is discovered by his beloved at last. Both lovers are thus united.

Jane meets Mr. Rochester.She loves him deeply.Similarly , Rochester likes her. He is ready to accept her as his life partner.On the marriage day, he is known to be a married man.So jane leaves him.But she can not forget Mr.Rochester. She can not remove him from her mind . Lovf for him is always sharp.

The love story in Jane Eyre is not usual or conventional. It is most unusual,painful ,exciting and surprisimg.It is unusual because of its unusual nature. Rochester has fallen in love with jane. But he is already married man. Besides his wife is still alive.she is a mad woman.she is still living his house Her presence in the house is unknown to to the inmates of the house. This mysterious and strange.Jane is 18 years old . But her lover is nearly forty. This is the surprising part of the story.

Jane Eyre is a nove of love story. It is a novel of passion.The story of novel becomes facinating and unforgetable for passion.
Jane falls in love with Mr.rochester very soon after having met him.She loves him deeply,profoundly and passion. she keeps secret her love for him . She keeps her love for him wholly to herself. She keeps him in her secreat heart. Though Mr.rochester is not a very handsome man, Jane thinks that him to be handsomest man. A woman finds an unhandsome man handsome. This generally means that she is passionately in love.

Mr.rochester is a passionate man too. He is socially above Jane.Yet he has fallen in love with her. He says that he loves as his own flesh. When she agrees to his proposal of ccepting him as husband, he beins to kiss repeatedly. He takes her to nearby town to buy dresses and other thing. He tells her his plan about homemoon after marriage.

Mr.Rochester is reall an ardent and passionate lover in Jane Eyre. Jane decides to leave him and Thornfield Hall. Rochester takes hold her.He tries to embrace her.Jane avoid his embrace. This means that Jane is also ardent and passionate in her love for him.

Jane takes shelter at Moor House.St. John Rivers propose to marry her.He gives pressure upon her to accept his proposal. She recjects and decides to go away in search of Mr. Rochester.
Eventually she finds him and agrees to marry him.

To sum up,we can say that Charlotte Bronte ‘s “Jane Eyre” is a love story and a novel of passion,love and mystery.

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