A short compositon on a village fair

A villge fair is a fair which is held in a village. The people living in a village have no entertainments except the fairs. It is an important event in the life of the villagers. It is a great source of recreation.

A village fair is a traditional occasion of village life. It is an annual festival in a country. It breaks the monotony of their life. People enjoy it most heartily. The dusky village chidren enjoy themselves.

A village fair sits in an open field or at a market place. It also sits at the bank of a river or canal.

A village fair is commonly held once a year. It is generally held on the occasion of a religious festival or on the Bengali New Year’s Day. It lasts for a day or a week.

In a village fair toys, baskets, cosmetics, dolls etc. are sold . There are some special attractions in a village fair. The most attractive items are circus parties, Jatra parties , magic show etc. These give entertainments to the children and adult people. Children buy toys, kites flutes and sweetmeats in a village fair.

A village fair has some demerits too. Sometimes gamblers also play gambling. It harms to the youth . Pick picketers also take opportunity in the crowd.

Inspite of having some demerits, it has some educative and traditional values. It bears the testimony of the tradition.

To sum up, a village fair is a large gathering of rural people. It brings joys to the rural people. [prepared by mazhar 01740163613]

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