Sir philip sidney refute the four chages against poetry

Sir philip sidney is the most important critic of Renaissance period. Sir Sidney in his apology for poetry shows his great respect for poetry. He ventures to defend English poetry from the haters of poets.During his time h found that England grew a step mother toward poetry. He was shaocked at it.England was once the mother of poetry. But now she turned against it. He thought that it was his moral duty to publish the true nature,greatness and nablity of poetrty of the poetry to readers and to make an armour for poetry. In his “An Apology for poetry”, Sidney gives a good number of reasons in favour of poetry.

Sidney had to hear different charges against poetry . Verse was attacked by critics in his life time. He tries to examine the four most important charges brought against poetry by his comtempory critic like Stephen Grosson. Four charges wer brought against poetry. Firstly critic says that there are many other branches of knowledge except poetry. It is the wast of time to read poetry. secondly, poetry is the mother of lies. Thirdly poetry abuses man’s wisdom and make the readers womenly. Fourthly plato banished the poets from commonwealth.

Sidney defends poetry from these charges against poetry.

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