4 G Network

Wireless broadband technology is now in motion to provide higher data rate, wider coverage and improved mobility. We are now at the verge of highs speed mobile internet with nationwide coverage; all made possible by 4G. Let’s take a peek at what is already offered and expected from 4G.


What is a 4G Network?

4G is the fourth generation of wireless communications currently being developed for high speed broadband mobile capabilities. It is characterized by higher speed of data transfer and improved quality of sound. Although not yet defined by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union), the industry identifies the following as 4G technologies:

  • WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)
  • 3GPP LTE (3rd Generation Partnership Project Long Term Evolution)
  • UMB (Ultra Mobile Broadband)
  • Flash-OFDM (Fast Low-latency Access with Seamless Handoff Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)


What is 4G capable of?

The 4G technology is being developed to meet QoS (Quality of Service) and rate requirements that involve prioritization of network traffic to ensure good quality of services. These mechanisms are essential to accommodate applications that utilize large bandwidth such as the following:


  • Wireless Broadband Internet Access
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
  • Video Chat
  • Mobile Television
  • HDTV (High Definition TV)
  • DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)
  • Real Time Audio
  • High Speed Data Transfer


How fast is 4G Wireless?

The goal set by ITU for data rates of WiMAX and* LTE is to achieve 100Mbps when the user is moving with high speed relative to the base station, and 1Gbps for fixed positions.


  • The LTE provides downstream peak rates of at least 100 Mbps, an upstream of at least 50 Mbps
  • WiMAX download rates are at 10Mbps and 70Mpbs theoretical maximum, but the upcoming standards shall make its data rates as competitive as LTE.


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