Composition about A Cleaner

                   A Cleaner or Rubbish Collector

      A man who collects rubbish everyday from our area is called rubbish collector or a cleaner. Generally, he has fresh mind and he works for the benefit of our society.

     He cleans our environment and always likes his work. He respects the work. He thinks that all jobs are important for us.  

      To collect rubbish, he has to go in different houses of the area where he lives. Generally, he gets up early in the morning. Then he goes to collect the rubbish that the people keep in front of their houses.

      Several times, the rubbish becomes dirty but it does not give him any pain. He puts them in his plastic bag and keeps them in a big dustbin. He believes that all jobs have their own value.

      The life of a cleaner is full of pain and suffering. He cannot get proper food, shelter, cloth and education for his family. He leads an unhappy life. He is unable to educate his children and take a proper treatment. 

      If he stops his working, the whole area will become dirty and unhealthy. So we should respect him and his work. Besides, our government should give him better salary.   

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