Prayer for Changing Section

Suppose you are a student of class 6. You are in B section. Now you would like to change the section to A. Now write an application your Headmaster to change your section B to A.

22 April 2013
The Headmaster
Rasulpur High school
Rasulpur, Gafargaon
Subject: Prayer for changing my section B to A.


I am a student of class viii in your school. I am in section B. But I would like to be section A. This change will help me in many ways. I have many friends in section A. They are the residents of the same place where I live. I am in section A. We can do our home work together. That way I will be able to do much better in my studies.

May, I, therefore request you to kindly change my section B to A.

Your most obediently
Nurunnahar Mitu
Class : 8
Roll No: 46

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