Suggestion for J.s.c/s.s.c/dakhil exam.

Completing story:
1. The honest wood cutter.
2. The dove and the ant.
3. The lion and the mouse.
4. The wolf and the crane.
5. Dividing the bread.
6. The fox without a tail.
7. A cunning fox and a foolish crow.
8. Unity is strength.
9. Slow and steady wins the race.
10. Honesty is the best policy.
11. Two friends and a bear.
12. Robert Bruce and the spider.
13. A greedy farmer .
14. Bayazid and his mother.
15. An honest wood cutter and beautiful fairy.
16. The thirsty crow.
17. A liar cowboy or a liar shepherd.

1. A dialogue on the importance of learning English.
2. A dialogue on the importance of reading newspaper.
3. A dialogue on the harmful effects of smoking.
4. A dialogue on how to eradicate the illiteracy problem from Bangladesh.
5. A dialogue about visiting a book fair.
6. A dialogue between you and your friend about to open a bank account.
7. A dialogue between you and
8. A dialogue between a customer and a sales man in the shop.
9. A patient and a doctor.
10. A student a teacher.
11. About importance of reading newspaper.
12. You and your friend about the adverse effect of illiteracy.
13. You and your friend about Eve teasing .
14. Bad effect of physical exercise/early rising/bad effect of smoking/ an accident.

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