Suggestion For S.S.C/J.S.C/Dakhil

Suggestion for J.S.C/S.S.C/Dhakhil/All Board Exam.
Subject: English Paper 1 and paper 2

a .Short composition:
****1. Wonders of Modern Science.
***2. Tree plantation
***3. A village market
*3. Journey by Train
***4. The Rainy Season/The season I like most.
5. Tea/a popular drink
***6. The seasons of Bangladesh
7. The fruit of Bangladesh
*8. Journey by boat
9. My first day at School
*10. A village fair
**11. Computer
**12. Television
**13. Newspaper
*14. My Native Village
****15. Physical exercise
16. Jute
***17. Student life/ Duties of Students
****18. Your aim in life/Your futur plan of life.
19. My first day at school.
20. Your favourite game.

b. Paragraph:
1. A day labourer
2. How to become a good student
3. A street beggar
****4. Traffic Jam
****5. Load Shedding
*6. A Rickshaw puller
**7. Early rising
***8. A Moonlit Night
*9. A rainy day
***10. A winter Morning
**11. A school Magazine
*12. Your School Library
*13. A Street Accident
****14. Your visit to a place of historical interest
15. A Tea Stall
***16. A BOOK FAIR
17. A Street Hawker
18. A Nurse
19. My family
20. My daily life
21. My pen friend
22. A Fountain Pen
23. A Village Market
24. A School common room.
25. My parents
26. My Reading Room
27. Mohakhali Flyover
28. My friend
29. My pet
30. My visit to The Zoo
31. My school
*32. My country
*33. My visit to book fair
34. How to learn swim
35. Facebook
36. A Village Doctor
37. How to make a cup of tea.
38. How to make a garden
39. How to celebrate a birthday party.
40. A Bus Stand
*41. Water pollution
42. Milk
43. Farmer
44. My class teacher/ favourite teacher.
45. A Fisherman
46. My Home
47. Myself
48. How to make oral saline
49. Your mother
50. How to arrange a picnic
51. How to learn English
52. How to become a good student.
53. Computer.
54. Mobile phone.
c. Email: ****1. Suppose, your examination is near, but your preparation on Bangla is not good . Request your friend through email to help you by sending a suggestion on this subject.
*2. Write an email to your pen friend, Monika about the natural beauty of Bangladesh.
3. Write an email to your friend inviting to your birthday.
4. Write an email to your friend telling him that you have done well in J.S.C exam.

***5. Suppose your friend Alam has made a brillant result in the Junior School Certificate Examination. The news of his result gave you much pleasure. Now write an email to your friend congratulation him on his brilliant success.
****6. Imagine your friend borrowed one of your important books. Your exam is near. So, you need the book badly. Now write an email to your friend asking him to return the book immediately.

7. Write an email to your friend to join a picnic.

D. Application writing:

****1. for a transfer certificate.
2. seeking admission
**3. full free studentship
**4. some financial help from the poor fund of the school.
**5. morning school.
*6. change for section .
*7. permission to witness the football match.
*8. for reading room
*9. for providing more facilities for reading newspapers and playing indoor games in the common room of your school.
****10. Write an application to h/m praying for setting a canteen/ language club/ common room/ debating club/ englsh speaking club/ a drama stage…/.. . . . . . . . . . . etc.
*11. for leaving school early .
*12. for re-admission
*13. for early leave from school after 4th/3th period.
*14. for remission of delay fine.
*15. financial help from poor fund
***18. for a seat in the hostel.
19. leaving school after 4th/3rd period.
20. seeking permission to go on a picnic.
*21. leave of absence.
22. leave in advance
23. seeking permission for a friendly football match.
*24. testiomonial.
25. Application to the UNO/ TNO/ DC to construct a bridge/ a culvurt/ a damaged road/ tube well/ relief for the flood affected people.
E. Letter writing:
1. to friend thanking him for his hospitality.
2. to friend thanking him for the birth day present.
3. to father seeking permission to go on an excursion.
4. to friend about hobby.
5. to friend describing your school.
6. to father asking permission to visit to
friend’s house.
7. to friend inviting him to your sister’s marriage ceremony.
8. to father to buy new book .
9. to father about your preparation in J.S.C exam.
10. to friend inviting him to spend a few days with you.
11. to father informing your mental reaction about it.
12. to friend to invite in your birthday celebration.
13. to friend telling him about your recent visit to science fair.
14. to friend inviting him to join a picnic.


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    • Sarowar Parvej on July 15, 2014 at 4:13 am

    nice and helpful suggestion really!
    This will help the S.S.C students a lot.
    Keep it up!

    • mahbub on December 12, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Thanks for thinking help us.

    • Tasnim Shuvo on June 24, 2015 at 6:58 am

    plzz….give me a paragraph about premature marriage 🙂

  1. Amar dhakil porikhar prosno jaty eccy hoy

    • Mymensing on February 13, 2016 at 11:59 pm

    Dakhil prosno deoa jabe

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