Uses of preposition

Use of prepositions

a. This is a matter under discussion.
b. We found ten acres of land under paddy.
c. He is an officer under the rank of captain.
d. Fish move under water.
e. We passed under many bridges.
f. The cat is under the table.
g. This is a road under repair.
h. Your application is under consideration.
i. How long can you stay under water?
j. India under the Mohgals was very prosperous.
k. The building is under construction.
l. The criminal is under sentence of death.

a. We were flying above the clouds.
b. There is nothing in this shop above Taka 200/-
c. He is now above fifty.
d. He is above meanness and deceit.
e. The applicants must be above 21 years of age.
f. Do not live above your means.
g. A soldier should value honour above life.
h. The sky is above the earth.
i. His conduct is always above suspicion.
j. It weighs above or over ten tons.
k. The temperature has been above the average recently.
l. The sun rose above the horizon.

a. Spread a cloth over the table.
b. The birds flew over my head.
c. Tie a piece of cloth over the top of the pitcher.
d. He ruled over a vast empire.
e. He is famous all over the world.
f. Mr. khan is over you in the office.
g. The wires over the streets are dangerous.
h. He spoke for over an hour.
i. The river is over 50 miles long.
j. They climbed over a wall.
k. We had a pleasant talk over a cup of tea.
l. He held an umbrella over my head.

a. Public opinion was against this proposal.
b. We were going against the curent.
c. Take precaution against fire.
d. She was married against her will.
e. The rain was beating against the wall.
f. He was leaning against a pillar.
g. Place the ladder against the wall.
h. It is an injection against rabies.
i. He hit his head against the wall.
j. They voted against him.
k. We were going the current.

a. It is a coat with two pockets.
b. The hills are covered with snow.
c. A baby with no clothes came here.
d. We write with a pen.
e. What’s your business?
f. He was trembling with fear.
g. It is a habit with some people.
h. Did you see it with your own eyes.
i. He was standing with his hand in his pockets.

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