Some idioms and phrases

Some Idioms and phrases with meaning.

End in smoke- fail.
Fall flat-have no effect.
Fight shy -avoid.
Fish out of water- in an uneasy situation.
Fish in a troubled water- unmatched.
Far and wide-everywhere.
Flesh and blood-human body.
For good-for ever.
From hand to mouth- live by hard labour.
Erom A to Z- from the beginning to the end.
Gala day- a day of festival.
Get rid of – be free from.
Gift of the gab-power of delivering speech.
Hard and fast- rigid.
Hard nut to crack- a difficult problem.
Head and ears- complete.
Heart and soul- with all energy.
Hold energy- be effective.
Hold good- apply.
Hue and cry- a noise.
Hush money- bribe money.
In time- in proper time.
In order to- with a view to.
In lieu of- instead of.
In black and white (in writing)
In cold blood- without provocation.
In no time-soon.
In the nick of time-in right time.
Ins and outs- full details.
In vogue-in fashion.
In force-in activity .
In a nut shell-very briefly.
In a hurry- very quickly.
In the mean time- in the time between.
In one’s teen- between 13 and 19 years of age.
In the long run- ultimately .
In vain-fruitless.
Irony of fate – by bad luck.
Lion’s share -major part.
Lame excuse- bad plea.
kith and kin- near relatives.
Maiden speech- first speech.
Man of letters-a scholar.
Man of straw- worthless man.
Make both ends meet- live within means.
Nip in the bud- destroy in the initial.
Null and void-invalid.
Now an then – occasionally.
Of curse – sure.
On the contrary- on the other hand.
On the wane- declining.
On the whole- after all.
On the spure of the moment- under the impulse.
Out of date- out of fashion.
Out of the wood- free from danger.
Out of doors-outside.
Out of sorts- not well.
Out of order-defective.
Out of temper- angry.
Part and parcel- an integral part.
Pros and cons- details.
Rank and file- common men.
Red letter day- memorable day.
Red tape- official fomalities.
Read between the lines- understand the significance.
Round the clock- twenty four hours.
Set free- liberate.
Slow coach- one who is lazy.
Slip of the pen- slight mistake in writing.
Slip of the tongue- a slight mistake in speaking.
Square meal- full meal.
Stone’s throw- within very short distance. Take to heart – cut to the quick.
Take to one’s heels – to run away.
Three R’s- elementary education.
To and fro-hither and thither.
Take one to task- rebuke.
Tooth and nail- strongly.
To the backbone- to the core.
To the contrary- against what some one had said.
To the letter- in all details.
Turn over a new leaf- begin a new phase of life.
Turn down- refuse.
Up and doing- active.
Ups and downs- rise and fall.
White elephant- a costly unprofitable undertaking.
Weal and woe- joy and sorrow.
Wild goose chase- useless pursuit.
Widow’s mite- small contribution of a poor man.

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