Transformation of sentences

Assertive to Interrogative

1.Asser:He is my mother.
Int: Is he not my brother?
Asser: Rina does not go to school.
Int: Does Rina go to school?
2. Asser:They could not drink the salty water.
Int: Could they drink the salty water?
Asser: He was present in the meeting.
Int: Was’nt he present in the meeting?

4. Asser: He learns his lesson regularly.
Int: Does’nt he learn his lesson regularly?
Asser: He went to school.
Int: Didn’t he go to school?

5. Asser: Nobody believes him.
Int: Who believes him?

Asser: No one will support it.
Int: Who will support it?

6. Asser :Everybody wishes to be rich.
Int: Who does not wish to be rich?

Asser: Everybody hates a liar.
Int: Who does not hate a liar?

7. Asser:Every man hates war.
Int: Is there any man who does’nt hate war?

Asser: Every man must die.
Int: Is there any man who will not die?

8. Asser: I never eat more than one thing for luncheon.
Neg: Do I ever eat more than one thing for luncheon?
Asser: There is nothing to do for you.
Int: Is there anything to do for you?
9. Asser: There is not use of this law?
Neg: Is there any use of this law?

Asser: There is no man happier than jamil.
Int: Is there any man happier than jamil ?

Asser: Friendship is nothing but a name.
Int: Is’nt Friendship but a name?

Asser: Life is nothing but full of actions.
Neg: Is’nt life but full of actions?

10. asser:It is no use memorising answer for any examination.
Int: Is there any use of memorising answer for any examination?

10. asser:It does not matter if we lose the game.
Int: What though if we lose the matter?

Exclamatory to Assertive:

1. excl: what a pity!
asser: It is a great pity.
excl: How nice to meet you!
asser: It is very nice to meet you.
2.excl: what a nice picture it is!
asser: It is a very nice picture.
excl: How nice the bird is!
asser: The bird is very nice.

3. excl: Hurrah! We have won the game.
asser: It is a matter of joy that we have won the game.

4. excl:If I were the king of England!
asser: I wish I were the king of England.

5. excl:Had I the wings of a bird!
asser: I wish I had the wings of a bird.

6. excl: Alas! I have lost my father.
asser: It is a matter of sorrow that I have lost my father.

7. excl: Would that I could be a bird!
asser: I wish I could be a bird.

8. Excl:Fie! He does not take care of his wife.
Asser: It is a matter of shame that he does not take care of his wife.

Assertive to Exclamatory:

1. asser :She is very nice.
excl: How nice she is!
2. asser:It was a very magnificent building.
excl: what a magnificent building it was!
3. asser: I wish I were a child again.
excl: would that I were a bird.
4. asser: we rejoice that we have won the game.
excl: Hurrah! we have won the game!
asser: I regret that the baby is dead.
excl: Alas! The baby is dead.

Assertive to Optative :
Asser: You will shine in life.
Opt: May you shine in life.
asser: You will live long.
opt: May you live long.

Optative to Assertive:

Opt: May Allah bless you.
asser: I pray that Allah will bless you.

Assertive to Imperative:

1. asser:You should go to school.
imp: Go to school.
asser: You will read a book.
imp: Read a book.

2. asser: You should never tell a lie.
imp: Never tell a lie.

3.He plays football.
imp: Let him play football.
asser: We should go out.
imp: Let us go out.
asser: She sings a song.
imp: Let her sing a song.

4. asser:We do not hate the poor.
imp: Let us not hate the poor.
asser: Let not Nabil tell a lie.

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