Transformation of sentences

Transformation of sentence

Affirmative to Negative:
1. a. Affir:Allah alone can help us.
Neg: None but Allah can help us.
b.Only he can do the work.
Neg: None but he can do the work.
a. A child likes only sweets.
Neg: A child likes nothing but sweets.

Aff: He is only ten.= He is not more then ten.
b. Aff: Mr. Mazhar was only twenty two.
Neg: Mr. Mazhar was not more than twenty two.
4.a. Aff:
I must help my brother.
Neg: I can not but help
my brother.
5. Aff: He must do it.
Neg: He can not help doing it.
6.a. Aff:Every mother loves her child.
Neg: There is no mother but loves her child.
b. Aff:Everyone will support him.
Neg:There is no one but will support him.

7. Aff: As soon as the train stopped we came back home.
Neg: No sooner had the train stopped than we came back home.
Aff: As soon as we reached the station than the train left.
Neg: No sooner had we reached the station than the train left.

Aff:Mazhar is the best boy in the class.
Neg: Not other boy in the class is as good as Mazhar.

b. Aff: Monika is the most beautiful girl in the class.
Neg: No other girl in the class is as beautiful as Monika.

9. a.Aff:
He is wiser than any other man in the village.
Neg: No other man in the village.
b. Aff: He is cleverer than any other boy in the class.
Neg: No other boy in the class is as clever as he.

a.Aff: They are less rich than you.
Neg: They are not as rich as you.
b. Aff: She is less brilliant than her sister
Neg: She is not as brilliant as her sister.

Aff :a. You are always late.
Neg: You are never punctual.

I shall always support you.
Neg: I shall never oppose you.

a.Aff: He is too weak to walk.
Neg: He is so weak that he can not walk.

b.Aff: He was too tired to do it.
Neg: He was so tired that he could not do it.

a. Aff:I am very tired.
neg: I am not a little tired.

a. Aff: He loves me.
neg: He does not hate me.
a. Neg: Both Mazhar and Ahasan were good friends.
Neg: Not only Mazhar but also Ahsan were good friends.
b.Aff: He took coffe and ice- cream.
Neg: He took not only coffe but also ice-cream.

Aff: Health is wealth.
Neg: Is’nt Health wealth?
Aff: The sun sets in the west.
Neg: Doesn’t the sun set in the west?

a.Aff : My friend sometimes visit me.
Neg: My friend does not always visit me.
b.Aff: A day labourer is sometimes happy.
Neg: A day labourer is not always unhappy.
a.There are many students in the class.
neg: There is not a few students in the class.
Aff: I have a few friends.
Neg: I have not many friends.
b.Aff: I have a little rice.
Neg: I have not much rice.

Several Oppossite Words:

good – bad.
friend – foe.
active – inactive.
absent- present.
agreed- disagreed.
doubtful- undoubtful.
grateful- ungrateful.
honest – dishonest.
honesty – dishonesty.
happy – unhappy.
hard – easy.
honour- dishonour.
healthy – unhealthy.
love- hate.
moral- immoral.
mortal – immortal.
comfortable- uncomfortable.
honesty – dishonesty.
Ordinary- extraordinary.
obey- disobey.
obedient- disobedient.
pleasant- unpleasant.
pleased -displeased.
possible- imposible.
literate- illiterate.
present- absent.
punctual – late.
regular- irregular.
responsible- irresponsible.
real- unreal.
rich- poor.
remember- forget.
right- wrong.
sinsere -insincere.
solvent- insolvent.
wise- unwise.
willing- unwilling.
tall- short.
heavy – light.
intelligent- dull.
obe – disobey.

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