Voice change
91.Mother showed me a picture.=I was shown a picture by mother.
92.I have to do it.= It has been to be done by me.
93. All his pupils like him.= He is liked by all his pupils.
94.The motor car ran over the dog.= The dog was run over by the motor.
95. I know that the work is hard.= It is known to me that the work is hard.
96. He made me drive his car.= I was made by him drive his car.
97. Fortune favours the brave.= The brave are favoured with fortune.
98. I will do my duty.=
My duty will be done by me.
99. She is weaving a sari.= A sari is being weaved by her.
100. You should have done it.= It should have been done by you.
101. They are going to start a business.= A business is going to be started by them.
102.We know that the earth is round.= It is known to us that the earth is round.
103.Everyone knows him to be an honest man.= He is known to be an honest man to everyone.
104.His behaviour annoys me sometimes.= I am sometimes annoyed at his behaviour.
105. Nobody knows him there.= He is known to none there.
106. Post the letter.=
Let the letter be posted.
107. Shut the door.= Let the door be shut.
108.Tell him to go.= Let him be told to go.
109.Let them call in a doctor . = Let them be called in a doctor.
110.Do not make a noise.= Let not a noise be made.
111. Ring the bell.= Let the bell be rung.
112. Bring the book.=
Let the book be brought.
113. Please help me.= Let me be helped , please.
114. Take care of your health.= Let your health be taken care of.
115. Look after your parents.= Let your parents be looked after.
116. Pluck me a flower.= Let a flower be plucked for me.
117. Buy a shirt for me.= Let a shirt be bought for me.
118. Do’nt ask me the question.= Let not the question be asked me.
119. Choose the best answer.= Let the best answer be choosen.
120. Do’nt play football at noon.= Let not football be played at noon.
121. I have read her letter.= Her letter has been read by me.

122. He can understand the problems.= The problems can be understood by him.

123. I know how much lif is boring in a small family.= Life in small family how much boring is known to me.

124. I introduced my beautiful country to her.= My beautiful country was introduced to her by me.

125. Bengali is spoken in our country.= Our country people speak Bangali.

126. Many people speak English.= English is spoken by many people.

127. Women wear sari woven by local weavers.= Shari woven by local weavers are won by women.

128. One can easily differentiate the dress.= The dress can be differentiated.

129. Close ties should be maintained with our relatives.= We should maintain close ties with our relatives.

130. Children should be cared of.= Take care of children.

131. People’s property should be protected.=
Government should protect peoples property.
132. Life security must be ensured.= One should ensure life security.

133. Steps should be taken to control natural calamities.= A uthority should take steps to control natural calamities.

134. Necessary measures must be taken to remove illiteracy.= We must take necessary measures to control natural calamities.

135. The poor should not be neglected.=
One should not neglect the poor.
136. Dr. Yunus was awarded Nobel Prize.= Nobel committe awarded Nobel Prize, Dr. Younus.

137. Attempts should made to alleviate proverty.= A ttempts should made to be alleviated poverty.

138. You should not keep the door closed.=
The door should not be kept closed by you.
139. Bribe should not be encouraged.= We should not encourage bribe.

140. Free medical treatment should be given to the poor.= We should give free medical treatment to the poor.

141. He established a hospital to give free treatment to the poor.= He established a hospital to be given free treatment to the poor.

142. Mr. mazhar has taken the right decision.= Right dicision has been taken by him.

143. The old should be looked after .= Look after the old.

144. Today women enjoy more rights.= More right are enjoyed today by women.

145. Now a days women manage the finances of a family.= Now a days the finances of a family is managed by women.

146. Mother runs a family with care.= A family is run by a mother with care.

147. An educated mother supervises all the activities of the family.= All the activities of a family are supervised by an educated mother.

148. Cleanliness must me maintained.= One must maintain cleanliness.

149. They have finished reading the books.=

150. They have finished reading the books.= The book has been finished reading by them.

151. He lets me go.= I am let gone by him.

152.Cats killed mice.= Mice are killed by cats.

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