Voice change

17. She will have read the book.= The book will have been read by her.
18. I can do the sum.= The sum can be done by me.
19. I may help you.= You may be helped by me.
20. He killed himself .= He was killed by himself.
21. she hurt herself .= She was hurt by herself.
22. You must do the work.= The work must be done by you.
23. We ought to obey our parents.= Our parents ought to be obeyed by us.
24. They are going to open a bank.= A bank is going to be opened by them.
25. Post the letter.= Let the letter be posted.
26. Write the letter.= Let the letter be written.
27.Do the work.= Let the work be done.
28. Shut the door.= Let the door be shut.
29. Do not play football at noon.= Let not football be played at noon.
30. Do not shut the door.= Let not the door be shut.
31. Do not hate the poor.= Let not the poor be hated.
32.Let him write a letter.= Let a letter be written by him.
33. Let the girl sing a song.= Let a song be sung by the girl.
34. Let me do the work.= Let the work be done by me.
35. Never tell a lie.= Let never a lie be told.
36. Buy me a shirt.= Let a shirt be bought for me.
37. Have you eaten rice?= Has rice been eaten by you?
38.Did you play football?= Was football played by you?
39. Is he reading a book?= Is a book being read by him?
40. who is calling me ? = By whom am I being called?
41.who will help you?= By whom will you be helped ?
42. who has broken the glasses?= By whom have the glasses been broken?
43.whom did you see on the road?=who was seen by you on the road?
44. Whom is he teaching English?= who is being taught English by him?
45.whom has he beaten?= who has been beaten by him?
46.what do you want? = what is wanted by you?
47. what has he done? = what has been done by him?
48. I saw him reading a book.= He was seen reading a book by me.
49. Mr. Mazhar teaches us English.=we are taught English by mr.mazhar.or, English is taught us by Mr. Mazhar.

50. I gave him a book.= He was given a book by me.or, A book was given him by me

51. We made him captain.= He was made captain by us.
52. He called it laurel. = It was called laurel by him.
53.She killed herself .= She was killed by herself.
54.The track ran over the boy.= The boy was run over the track.
55.He laughed at the old man.= The old man was laughed at by him.
56.She looks after the orphans.= The orphans are looked after her.
57.He told me that he had done the work.= I was told that the work had been done by him.
58.They searched his house and found a number of stolen articles.= His house was searched and a number of stolen articles were found by them.
59. I know that he did the work.= It is known to me that the work was done by him.
60. People say that the lion is the king of beast.= It is said that the lion is the kind of beast.
61. Five men were arrested and one fined.= Five me were arested and one was fined.
62. She ran a race.= A race was run by her.
63.Honey tastes sweet.= Honey is sweet when it is tasted.
64.Rice sells cheap.= Rice is sold cheap.or, Rice is cheap when it is sold.
65. The rose smells sweet.= The rose is sweet when it is smelt.
66.The bed feels soft.= The bed is soft when it is felt.
67. The books read well.= The books are well when they are read.
68. The house is building.= The house is being built.
69. The cow is milking.= The cow is being milked.
70. The drums are beating.= The drums are being beaten.
71. Miss Mina wants someone to take photographs.= Miss Mina wants photographs to be taken.
72. Mr. Mazhar wants him to write the letter.= Mr. Mazhar wants the letter to be written.
73. I know the boy.= The boy is known to me.
74. The news shocked her.= She was shocked at the news.
75. He annoyed me.= I was annoyed with him.
76. Panic seized the writer.= The writer was seized with panic.
77. His behaviour surprised me.= I was surprised at his behaviour.
78. The beauty of the girl marvelled him.= He was marvelled at the beauty of the girl.
79. His performance satisfied the teacher.= The teacher was satisfied with his performance.
80. The parcel contains important materials.= Important materials are contained in the parcel.
81. The police ordered the criminal to be shot.= It was ordered by the police that the criminal should be shot.
82. Mahinur Monika made me do the work.= I was made to do the work by Mahinur Monika.
83. He suggested giving up smoking.= He suggested that smoking should be given up.
84. She decided to sell the house.= She decided that the house should be sold.
85. The manager urged the supervisor to reduce the rates.= The supervisor was urged to reduce the rates.
86. One should take care of one’s health.= Health should be taken care of.
87. The thief was caught.= The police caught the theif.
88. He was awarded a gold medal.= We awarded him a gold medal .
89. The tree has been uprooted.= A storm has uprooted the tree.
90.Fire burnt the ship.= The ship was burnt.
91. I had been invited me to the

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