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Filling the gaps with suitable articles.

22. (Do yourself )
a. Sound sleep comes of _ light stomach.b. Such _ man is of no use. c. Between these two brothers who is _ better? d. This is _ slip of the pen. e. Have you ever seen _ ewe ? f.He is _ M.B.B.S. g. My sister is HSC candidate this year. h. Who is _ man that came to you? i. Akbar is not born in all ages. j. He lost _ few books he had. k. Who believes _ liar. k. A tiger can see in _ dark. l. This is _ unique opportunity. m. He pulled the boy by _ ear. n. I had _ bad headache. o. The work has come to _ end.

a. Bangladesh is _ land of six seasons. b. Of all _ seasons I like spring most. c. It is called _ queen of seasons. d. It compromise _ Bangali months of Falgun and Chaitra. e. After _end of the winter it comes with all its beauty and _ charms.

24. a. _ great book Quran was written long ago. b. Man comes and man goes in _ meantime but spiritual book had led people to _ right path. Humans are passing through crisis. d. In this crisis only _ holy books can guide them to lead (e) _ honest life.
Ans. a. the. b. the. c. the. d. the. e. an.
24. Internet is _ wonderful invention of science. b. It is _gift of modern science. c. It is one of _latest wirless. d. This is _speedy transmitting system of information with _ help of computer and networks. e. Internet is now regarded as a milestone of _ modern advancement of science and technology.
Ans. a. a. b. a. c. the. d. a, the. e. the.

26. Bangladesh is _land of rivers. These rivers are _ blessing of Almighty Allah and pride to us. They are closely related _ prosperity of our country. Ours is _ agricultural country. Our rivers are also _ important means of communication.
Ans. a. a. b. the. c. the. d. an. e. an.

27. The computer is _ fairly recent invention. It has now become _ essential part of modern science. It has greatly benifited us and brought about revolutionary changes in our life. Any device that helps_ people perform mathematical calculations may called _ computer. In this sense, _ abacus is also _ simple computer.

Ans. a, an, x, a, the, a

a. Man has _ inborn curiosity to see _ unseen and to know _unknown. One can do many things to fulfil one’s desire. _ person usuall tries to find out _ things and beings surrounding him.
Ans. an, the, the, A, the

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