Filling in the gaps with suitable articles.

Filling in the gaps with suitable articles.

a.You are _ Nazrul, I see.b.There were _hundred students.c._kindness is _ real virtue.d. They took _ interest in it. e.He gave me _ apples.f.How nice _ bird it was !.g. Yesterday I bought _ pen but _ pen did not write well.h._ more he gets, _ more he wants.i._ boy, who came is my friend.j. I switch on_ fan.k.we elected him _ chairman.l. what kind of _ man are you? m. _ honesty of Mr.mazhar is known to the villagers. n.The train runs 80 km _hour.o. I have _ few books.p._ English are industrious.q. Akbar _ great was emperor of Delhi.r. Marufa is _ taller of two girls. s. Rabindranath is _ shakespeare of India. t. I was going along _ Abdul Gani Road. u. He has a shop on _ Manik Mia Avenue. v.Dhaka is _ biggest city in Bangladesh. w. I pulled him by _hand.x. Always speak _truth and never tell _ lie.y._ poor suffer _ lot in winter. z. She is _ B.A but her husband is _ M.A.
Ans:a.a,b.a, c.x,a,, e.the,f.a, g.a,the,,an.r.the.s.the.t.the.u.x.v.the.w.the.x.the,a.y.the,a.z.a,an.
a._ honest man like Mr. Mazhar is hardly found.b._ Titanic went down in _ Atlantic.c._ beggars beg from _ door to door.d. He bought _ ram and _ ewe. e._ Meghna falls into _ Bay of Bengal.f. He goes to _ mosque.g._ Taj is _magnificent building.h. There is _ university in _ Mymensingh.i. My brother left for U.S.A. j. _ rice of Dinajpur is _ finest. k. He invited me to _ dinner. l. The vacation has come to _ close. m. Between these two brothers who is _ better.n. I went to _ market to meet a shopkeeper.o. He is as stupid as _ owl.p. Sound sleep comes of _ light stomach.q. He opened _ S.B account with the bank.,the.c.the,x.d.a,an.e.the,the.f.x.g.the,a.h.a,x.i.the.j.the,

a.Pen through _ line.b. As _ learned teacher socrates gained much popularity.c. Truthfulness is _ greatest of all virtues.d. Independence is the birthright of _ man. e. Dengue is _ infectious and incurable disease.f. In summer,_ sun shines brightly.g.Mr kamran was _ man of letters.h. Aladin had _ wonderful lamp. i. Let’s discuss _ matter seriously.j.We returned home after _ hour.k. I gave the beggar _ one taka note.m. I bought _ dozen of oranges.n. Children! do not make _ noise.o. Let us have _ walk by riverside.
p._ gold of Africa is pure.q. The police caught _ thief by the hand.r._ pious are always happy.s.what _ excellent scenerary it is! t. Forgiveness is _ great virtue.u. Last night I had _ bad headache.v. The sun is, as it were _ dish of silver.w. He was quite at _ loss.x.My father entered my room all on _ sudden.y. The land is _ apple of discord between the two brothers.z. we should save money against _rainy day.

a.The beauty of _ Taj Mahal beggar description.b. He made _ lot of money by fishing in troubled water.c. At long last, _authority fulfilled the demand.d. I met him on _ way back by chance.e. Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman was beyond dispute _ great leader.f.Now a days _ block head doesn’t get any job.g. It is beyond question that zidan was _ great footballer. h. Sejuti is worried of _ illness of his better half.i. Narayangoj stands on _ shitalakhshma.j._ farmers of Bangladesh are hard working.k. He depends on _ help of others.l.There is _ Engineering University in Dhaka.m.Everybody respects _ honourable man.n. Have you ever seen _ Himalayas?o. _ honesty of Mr. Mazhar is praiseworthy .p._ weather in Greece grew cold.q.please feed _chickens.r.Mrs Monika gave _ exciting news to the students. s. Mitu is going to Dhaka on_ five day.t.They have _ discussion with Habib and Mitu. u._whole house will be flooded.v. The vacation has come to _ end.w._ Muslims are the brave nation.

21.(Do yourself)
a.The vacation has come to _ close.b.She is _ untidy girl.c._ kindness of Mohsin is known to all.d.what sort of _ man is he?e.He stays in _ European hotel.f._ earlier, the better.g.It is _ one eyed deer. h. Mr. Mazhar is _ university student.i.A needle is _ useful thing. j. I saw _ one legged man in the street.k._ Bangladeshis are proud of their glorious past. L.He opened _ S.B account with the bank.m.Wait for _ hour.n. The rich man adopted _ heir.o._ virtuous alone are happy. p. He is _ unwise man. q. Our headmaster is _ honourable.r. He had _ firm.s.what is _ balanced diet.t. what does _ man’s dignity depend upon?u.which is _ tallest building.v. Mrs. Mina is _ M.A of this university. w._ rich should feel for the poor.x. I am _regular subcriber of the fund.y. Ferdousi is _ Homer of Asia.z.She gave me _ one taka note.

22. (Do your self)
a.He is in _ bad temper.b._ west Indies is a great cricket team.c._ litle food is sufficient

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