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Filling the gaps with suitable articles.

1. a._ Pen.b._ apple. c._elephant.d._ orange. e._ umbrella. f._ ox. g. _pen. h. _ book. i. _ mango. j. _ shirt. k. _ chair.

Ans: a. a. b. an. c. an. d. an. e. an. f. an. g. a. h. a. i. a. j. a. k. a.

2. _ hour. b. _ hotel. c. _ honest man. d. _ honourable man. e. _ heir. f. _ hunter. g. _ horse. h. _ hill. i. _ house.

Ans: a. an. b. a. c. an. d. an. e. an. f. a. g. a. h. a. i. a.

3. a. _ university. b. _ European. c. _ unique case .d. _ useful thing. e. _ one eyed man. f. _ one taka note.
Ans: a. a. b. a. c. a. d. a. e. a. f. a.

4. a. _ MA. b. _ Mp. c. _MBBS. d. _ LLB. e. _ FRCS.f. _ B.A.

Ans: a. an. b. an. c. an. d. an. e. an. f. a.

a. A cow is _ domestic animal. b. A dog is _ faithful animal .
Ans: a. a. b. a.
6. a. You are _ Nazrul I see.
b. He thinks he is _ Alexandar Pop.
Ans: a. a. b. a.

7. a. I have _ pen.
b. He is _ honest man.
Ans: a. a. b. an.
8. a. Monika is _ best girl in the class. b. Dhaka is _ oldest city. c. she is _ most beautiful girl. d. Mr. mazhar is _ best boy.
9.a. He bought _ lot of fruits. b. There is _ little water in the glass.c. Mr. Mazhar earned _ great deal of money.d. The king live _ great many years.
Ans:a. a. b. a. c. a. d. a

a. He went _ fishing.
11. a. He is in _ temper.
b. He has got _ headhache.
c. I have _ cold.
Ans: a. a. b. a. c. a.

a. What _ pity !
b. What _ beautiful girl !
c. What _ nice bird it is !
d. What _ awful remark.
Ans: a. a. b. a. c. a. d. an.

a._ Mitu called me.[unknown person]
b._ Mrs. Mahinur akter came to see you. [unknown]
c. _ Ruplal came here to collect rubbish. [unknown person]

Ans: a. a. b. a. c. a.

a._ B.D.O. b._ SDO. c._D.M. d. _ B.A. e._ M.A. f._ ewe.
g._union. h._ European. i._ university. j. _umbrella. k. _ unique event. l. _ uniform speed.m._ one-eyed man. n._ one-act play.o. _opinion. p._ historical play. q. _ honest man.

a.Look at _ girl.b._ book is mine.c._ tree is an oak.d. _ girl with the white shari is my beloved.e. _ pen wich I bought yesterday is fine.f._ cow is a useful animal.g._ rose is the queen of flower.h._ banyan is a kind of big tree.i._sun shines in the sky.j._ earth moves round the sun.k._English are industrious.l._ Bangalees are intelligent but idle.m. who is_first boy?n._ 26th March is our independent day.o._ Bible,_ Quran,_ Gita.
p._ Jugantar, _ Ittefaque.q._ padma express, _ jamuna express.r._Padma,_ Meghna,_ Jamuna.s. _ Arabian sea.t._ Atlantic ocean, _ Indian, _ Pacific ocean.u._north,_south.v._poor are unhappy.w._rich are happy.x._virtuous are happy.y._sooner,_better.z._more,_merrier.
z._more we have, _more we want.

Ans: [all ans.] the.

a. She is _untidy girl.b. what does man’s dignity.c.we live in _ an age of science. d._ whole house will be flooded.e. A caught him by_ hand. f. After summer comes _rainy season.g. Rain is _ great blessing for our country.h. There are_ few empty seats.i. I pulled the boy by _ear.
j.He is _heir of this asset.
k. Eid ul fitr is _greatest religious festival of the Muslims.
l.Newspaper is _ wonder of modern science. m. Of the two sisters, Mitu is _ better.n. Man is _ best creation of Allah.o. Money is called _fuel of life. p. Mr.mazhar sir advises me to follow_ path of truth. q._objective of education is not only to pass the exam. r. English is spoken all over _ world.s. Every woman is _potential mother. t.The population of a country is _ asset. u. Teaching is _ art. v. A great teacher seems to be _rare phenomenon. w.we have access to _principal’s room. x. He has brought _ charge against me. y. Idleness is _obstacle to success in life. z. I have _great passion for books.

a.Quinine is _remedy for malaria.b. He was born of _respectable family.c._mother is affectionate to her children. d._ post office is adjacent to the school.e. I am anxious about _result. f._man is indifferent to his own interest. g. I was tired with _ long journey.h. Lily applied to _principal for leave. i. They appealed against _ verdict of the lower court.j. He asked me for _ loan. k. The headmaster ordered _ clerk to dispose of the life. l._ Padma abounds with fishes.m. There is no rose but has _ thorn. n.Every cloud has _silver lining.o. Only graduates can apply for _ post.p.A little learning is _dangerous thing. q. Everest is _ highest peak of the world. r. Our life is nothing but _struggle.s. None has ever seen such _ light.t. Very few countries of _ world are as rich as japan.u. Do not tell _ lie. v. Rome was not built in _ day.

Ans:a.a.b.a.c.a.d.the.e.the.f.the.g.a.h.the.i.the .j.a.k.the.l.the.m.a.n.a.o.the.p.a.q.the.r.a.s.a.t.the.u.the .v.a.w.a.x.the.y.a.z.a

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