Filling in gaps with right form of verbrs

7.Ans:a.sailed.b.seen.c.invited.d.met.e.came.f.prepared.g.turned.h.saying.i.dancing.j.have reached.k.have heard.l.had come.m.had

8.Use the right form of the verbs in the following sentences.

a. The virtuous look forward to (receive) reward in the world.
b. I went there with a view to (see) her.
c. The old sailor prayed with a view to (getting) relief.
d. Would you mind (open) the door?
e. Would that I (go) to college.
f. I saw the women (to cry).
g. Eva saw me (to read) the book.
h. I heard (to make ) a noise.
i. I went outside the room having (to forget) him.
j. The principal desired the notice to be (hang).
k. Music was (to hear) by him.
l. Room was not (to build ).
m. Let the girl use the shirt.
n. My doctor would not let me drink anything.
o. Why you (not come) yesterday?
p. Where you (go) yesterday ?
q. Why (be ) you not with her ?
r. If he was there , I (to meet ) him.
s. If I saw him , I (to talk ) to him.
t. If he had been a king , he (to help ) the poor.
u. If he had been there, I (to meet) him.
v. Had the queen of sheba lived in the flat across the air shaft, Della (let) her hair hang out.
w. If he comes, I (go) .
x. If he is there, I (meet) him.
y. He talks as if he (be) mad.
z. He talks as if he (know ) everything.
Ans:a.receiving.b.seeing.c.getting.d.opening.e.could go.f. crying. g.reading.h.doing.i.forgotten.j.hung.k.heard.l.built.m.use.n.drink.o.did you not come.p.did you go.q.are.r.would meet.s.would talk.t.would have helped .u. would have met. v. would have let. w.shall go.x.shall meet.y.were.z.knew.

9. Use the right form of the verbs in the following sentences.

a. He talked as if he (know) everything.
b. But for your help I (failed).
c. I wish I (be) a child again.
d. I wish I (to be ) singer.
e. He walked fast lest he (miss) the train.
f.please, (to do ) meet me tomorrow.
f. Mr.karim (to do) say his prayer everyday.
g. I let him (go) there.
h. She made me (do) the work.
i. I saw him (go) in silence.
j. I behold him (reap) the crops.
k. I watched him (leave) the room.
l. I can not but (shed) tears.
m. You ought to (go) there.
n. You have to (do) this.
o. You are to go there.
p. I am to (go ) there.
q. You had better (to help ) him.
q.You would rather (to go) there.
r.when she finished the work, he (go ) to bed.
s. He came and he (conquer).
t. He said that the sky ( be ) blue.[universal truth].
u. The students studied hard so that they (do ) well in the exam.
v.M. Mazhar sir speaks loudly in order that we (hear ) him clearly.
w. As soon as I (think) about her, she called me.
x. No sooner Mr. mazhar (reach) the station than the train started.
y. Hardly had we reached the station when the train (leave).
z. Not only Mazhar but also her friends (go ) there.

Ans: a.had known.b.would have failed.c.were.d.were.e.should can do.v.can hear. w.thought.x.had reached.y.left.z.are going.

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