Filling in gaps with right form of verbs

Right form of verbs.
a. The boy (be ) playing.
b. The girls (be ) unhappy.
c. The boy (read) a book.
d. He (go) to school regularly.
e. The news (be ) bad.
f. Mathematics (to be ) an interesting subject.
g. Gentle air (be ) blowing.
h. Her hair (to be ) black.
i. Smoking (be ) dangerous for health.
j. Water (to be ) life.
k. Honesty (to be ) the best policy.
l. The earth (to move ) round the sun.
m. The rich (be ) not always happy.
n. He always (read ) the quran.
o. Monika (go ) to school regularly.
p. Maksodul usually (take ) his breakfast at
q. Mitu ( go ) to school now.
r. Mr. Saon (read ) at this moment.
s. Many a boy (ruin ) his career through laziness.
t. Somebody (to be ) present.
u. No one (to be ) present there.
v. who (know ) his name.
w. No birds (to be ) there.
x.None of the girls (qualify )
y. Five and five ( to make) ten.
z. Sajuti and saon (to be ) playing.
Ans: qualified.y.make.z.are.

6. Use the right form of the verb in the following sentences.

a.Time and tide (wait) for none.
b. The headmaster and secretory of the school (to be ) coming.
c. The headmaster and the secretory of the school (to be ) coming.
d. Slow and steady (win ) the race.
e. Rice and curry (be) my only food.
f. Each boy and each girl (to be ) active.
g. No man and no woman (be) there.
h. Seventy miles (be) a long distance.
i. Twenty dollars a week (not go) far.
j. Cattle (be) grazing in the field.
k. Three dozen ( make) thirty six.
l. The peasantry in Bangladesh (be ) poor.
m. The jury (be ) unanimous in his opinion.
n. The jury (be ) divided in their opinion .(different)
o. The united states of America (be ) a rich country.
p. Gulliver’s Travels (be ) an interesting book.
q. All (to be ) happy.
r. All that glitters (be ) not gold.
s. All’s well that (end) well.
t. The rich (to be ) not always happy.
u. The virtuous (be ) happy.
v. Mr. mazhar is a famous writer is (know ) to all.
w. Walking (to be ) a good exercise.
x. To play (be ) a good exercise.
y. One of th girls (be ) absent.
z. It is I who (to be) responsible.
z. They are the boys who (read) in class ten.

Ans: a.wait.b. not.j.are.k.make.l.are.m.was.n.

7.Use the right form of verb in the following sentences.

a. Two- thirds of the students (to be) present.
b. Three fourth of the road(to be) pitched.
c. One and a half mangoes (be ) enough.
d. More than a boy (be ) present there.
e. More than two boys (to be ) present.
f. You,he and I (be) are friends.
g. She as well as her sister (be) beautiful.
h. The teachers as well as their students (be) busy.
i.Either Mr. Mazhar or his brother (be) present.
j. Neither he nor his sons (be ) present.
k. There (be ) a high school in our village.
l. There (be ) two high schools in the village.
m. There (be) a high school and a primary school in the village.
n. I just (to receive ) your letter.
o. He already (reach ) here.
p. It (to rain ) since morning.
q. She has been ill since last week.
r. I (read) the book for two hours.
s. Two years (pass) since my father (die) .
t. Many years (pass) since I saw you last.
u. It (be ) three years since I lost my father.
v. I (see) him long since.
w. He (go ) to buy a mobile soon.
x. The manager (go ) to open a new branch.
y. While (walk) on the road , a plane flew over us.
z. While we (walk) on the road, a plane flew over us.
Ans: just received.o.has already reached.p.has been raining.q.has been.r.have been reading.s. have passed,died.t.have passed,saw.u.has been,lost.v. going.y.walking.z.were walking.

7.Use the right form of verb in the following sentences.

a. The mariners had (sail ) away to the south.
b. I have (see) the man.
c. I (invite) him last week.
d. She (meet) him long ago.
e. Mazhar sir (come) here yesterday.
f. It is high time you (prepare) your lessons.
g. I fancy I (turn) a triple pale.
h. I heard him (to say) this.
i. I saw the girl (to dance)
j. He will (reach) Dhaka by this time.
k. You will (hear) the name of Kazi Nazrul Islam.
l. The doctor (come) before the patient died.
m. He reached the station after the train (leave).
n. I saw him (to go ) up the hill.
o. I found them (to live) in a cabin.
p. I can ‘t help( to laugh) at this.
q. The author never thought of (to go ) there.
r. He is bent on (do) this.
s. He is expert in (speak) English.
t. You should refrain from (do) this.
u. The old sailor was punished for (killing) the albatross.
v. I can not help (laugh).
w. I can not bear (suffer).
x. The book is worth (read).
y .I feel like (

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