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Right form of verbs.
a. The boy (be ) playing.
b. The girls (be ) unhappy.
c. The boy (read) a book.
d. He (go) to school regularly.
e. The news (be ) bad.
f. Mathematics (to be ) an interesting subject.
g. Gentle air (be ) blowing.
h. Her hair (to be ) black.
i. Smoking (be ) dangerous for health.
j. Water (to be ) life.
k. Honesty (to be ) the best policy.
l. The earth (to move ) round the sun.
m. The rich (be ) not always happy.
n. He always (read ) the quran.
o. Monika (go ) to school regularly.
p. Maksodul usually (take ) his breakfast at 8.am.
q. Mitu ( go ) to school now.
r. Mr. Saon (read ) at this moment.
s. Many a boy (ruin ) his career through laziness.
t. Somebody (to be ) present.
u. No one (to be ) present there.
v. who (know ) his name.
w. No birds (to be ) there.
x.None of the girls (qualify )
y. Five and five ( to make) ten.
z. Sajuti and saon (to be ) playing.
Ans: a.is.b.are.c.reads.d.goes.e. is.f.is.g.is.h.is.i.is.j.is.k.is.l.moves.m.are.n.reads.o.goes.p.takes.q.is going.r.is reading.s.ruins.t.is/was.u.was.v.knows.w.were.x.are qualified.y.make.z.are.

6. Use the right form of the verb in the following sentences.

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