Filling in gaps with right form of verbs.

Exercise of right form of verb

1. Use the right form of the verbs in the following sentence.

a. Stop (to write) as the bell rings.
b. We have (to do ) the work.
c. He (to swim) in the river for an hour.
d. He (to need ) not wait for me.
e. The man seldom (smoke)
f.We (reach) the station before the train started.
g. Many heroes (to be ) born in the country in past.
h.English is (speak) all over the world.
i. The baby started (to cry )
j. we shall go home after we (finish) our work.
k. Did they (to write ) letters.
l. The sum was (to do) by your teacher.
m. He (to go ) there tomorrow.
n. Mr. Mazhar (to be) ill for two days.
o. I shall go home after I (to finish) the work.
p. If I (to know) you , I would meet you.
q. Would you mind (to take)
r. If you play in the rain, you (catch) cold.
s. Mr. Mazhar (to go ) to school now.
t. You (finish) the work last night.
u. He (to lie) on bed in the last night.
v. Mr. Mazhar (not eat) Milk.
w. I saw the bird (to sit ) on the roof.
x. It (to rain ) for three days.
y. I am having my house (to repair)
z. Have you ever (to be ) to Cox’s Bazar ? swimming.d.needs .e.smokes.f.had reached. g.were.h.spoken.i.crying.j.have finished. k.write. l.done. m.will go. n.has been ill. o.finished. p.knew.q.taking. r.will catch. going. t.finished. u.lied.v.does not eat.w.sitting.x.has been raining. y.repaired.

2.Use right form of verb in the following sentences.

a. The bell (to ring ) five minutes ago.
b. He (to dare) go there.
c. I came in when he (to write)
d. We (reach) the station before the train left.
e. The hen (to lay) an egg yesterday.
f. The bird has (to fly ) away.
g. The enemy has (flee) away.
h. Mr. Mazhar (to give) a lecture tonight.
*i. I look forward to (hear) from you.
j. The quality of mangoes (to be) good.
k.The colour of the flowers (to be) charming.
l. Many a boy (ruin) his career through laziness.
m. The committee (to have) elected its chairman.
n. One of the boys (to be ) my friend.
o. It is I who (to be ) to blame.
p. The rich (to be ) not always happy.
q. The news (to be) bad.
r. The wages of sin (be) death.
s. Cattle (be ) grazing.
t. Mankind (be ) faced with danger.
u. Neither the moon nor the stars (be) visible.
v. Either he or his sons (to have) done this.
w. Either you or he (be ) absent.
x. Neither he nor his son (be ) present there.
Ans.a.rang. b.dares. c. was writing. d. had reached .e.laid. f. flown. g.fled. h. will m.has. w.was.x.was.

3. Use right form of verb in the following sentences.

a. He and I (be) friends.
b. Bread and butter (to be )
c. Slow and steady (win) the race.
d. The principal and chairman (to be ) present in the meeting.
e. The principal and the chairman ( to be ) present in the meeting.
f. Mr. Mazhar as well as his friends (be ) to blame.
g. The teacher as well as the students (be ) present.
h. Mr. Mazhar as well as his students (know) poem well.
i. Gulliver’s travels (be) an interesting book.
j. Th united states of America (be) a rich country.
k. Sixty miles (be ) a long distance.(definite quantity)
l. Fifty thousand taka (be) a good sum.(definite number) m. Each boy and each girl (be) given.
n. No woman and no child (be) present.
o. No friend and no relative (care) for me.
p. You and not Mr. Mazhar (to have ) done this.
q. Mr. mazhar and not he is to blame.
r. Each of the boys (be) present.
s. Either of them (be) guilty.
t. Neither of the girls (be ) beautiful.
Ans : g.was .h.sings. m.was.n.was.o.cares. p.have

4. Use the right form of verbs in the following sentences.

a. I (to be ) a hon’s final year student.
b. Mr. Mazhar (be ) my favourite teacher.
c. The people of Bangladesh (be) very poor.
d. We (be ) happy family.
e. The brave (to be ) free from cowardice.
f. The poor (to be ) not always unhappy.
g. Mr. Mazhar and Mr. Mahmudul (be ) two brothers.
h. Shapla and Ruma (arrive) there.
i. The air (be ) gentle.
j. Her hair (to be ) black.
k. Oxegen (to be ) necessary for living beings.
l. Honesty (to be ) the best policy.
m. The MP and Ministry of the sangsad (to be ) coming.
n. The mp and the ministry of the sangsad (to be ) coming.
o. Mr.Mazhar or his friends (do ) this work.
p. Neither he or his sisters (to be ) absent.
q. Either he or I (to be ) mistaken.
r. Neither Monika nor Sanzida (to be ) beautiful.
s. Every flower and every fruit (to be ) the gift of God.
t. Each line and each column (to be ) introduced to him.
u. Anybody (to be ) not present there.
v. Someone (to be ) present there.
w. Nothing (to be ) useless in the earth.

Ans c.are.d.were. e.are.f.are.g.are.h.have

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