Suppose you are Mr. Mazhar. You want to open a bank account and keep your scholarship money in it. You have gone to a bank as a client and have a talk with the manager of the bank. Now, write a dialogue between you and the manager about the way of opening a bank account.

A dialogue between myself and the manager about opening a Bank account :

Myself : Would you help me opening a bank account ?

Manager : Sure. why not ? What type of account do you want to open ?

Myself : How many kinds of account are here?

Manager : We have three types here. They are the fixed , the savings and the current account.

Myself : I want to open the savings account.

Manager : Fill the form first.

Myself : Here is the form which I have filled. What I have to do now ?

Manager : Nothing. Deposit some money and take a chaque book. In future you can draw money with the help of this cheque book.

Myself : Thank you very much for your help.

Manager : You are welcome.

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  1. Hey dude there’s a little spelling error in the 2nd paragraph of this post. This apart, i truly agree with you and i love how u inform us about this topic.

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