Suppose you are Mahmudul. Your friend , Mr. Mazhar wants to know about physical exercise. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend about it.

A dialogue between Mr. Mazhar and Mahmudul about physical exercise :

Mr. Mazhar : Hi, Mahmudul. How are you? Why do you look sad?

Mahmudul : Fine, thanks.

Mr. Mazhar : Well, I do’nt feel well for a few days.

Mahmudul : I think, you do not take physical exercise regularly.

Mr. Mazhar : You are right.

Mahmudul : But you should take physical exercise regularly.

Mr. Mazhar : Really? Will it be good for my health ?

Mahmudul : Sure.

Mr. Mazhar : Now I understand. I will take exercise regularly.

Mahmudul : Yes, you can play games, swim or walk sometimes.

Mr. Mazhar : Thank you for your good advice.

Mahmudul : Thank you .

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