Ripa gets up early in the morning. So she does well in the exam. On the other hand, sabina gets up late in the morning. So, her result is bad in exam. Now write a dialogue between Ripa and Sabina about the benifit of early rising.

Ripa : Hi! Sabina. How are you?

Sabina : Not good.

Ripa : why?

Sabina : My result is bad in the examination.

Ripa : Why ? Can you not to complete your lesson in time?

Sabina : No. I can not complete it in time.

Ripa : Do you not get up early in the morning?

Sabina : No.

Ripa : It is your main problem. If you get up early in the morning, you will be able to complete your lessons in time.

Sabina : I will try my best next.

Ripa : No more today. Next day. welcom.

Sabina : Thank you
for your good advice.

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