Read the following lines and make a complete story with a title. Once there lived a hare in a forest. A tortois lived near the forest. ….. …. ..

A hare and a tortoise

Once there lived a hare in a forest. A tortoise lived near the hare. One day they met to each other . The hare said the tortoise that you have many legs like I but you can not run fast like I can. The tortoise became angry. He answered ”you can run quite fast, no doubt. But I think, you can talk even faster than you can run.”
The hare neglected the tortoise for his comment. So, laughing he went away and took rest. But at the time of taking rest he slept in a deep sleep. But awaking from the sleep, he saw it was too late. Then he started to run again but he saw the tortoise reached the place. The hare understood and became ashamed.

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