Model Question No:1 For class 6/7

For class six/seven
Model question-1

English Second Paper
Full marks:50, Time: 2 hours
1. Fill in the gaps with a, an or the and put a cross where no article is needed. 0.5*8 =4

a. _ poor are happy.
b.She is _ best girl in the class.
c. I have _ one take note.
d. Mr. mazhar is _ honest person.
e. Can I have _ telephone number of your sir.
f. Have you heard _ name of Mr. mazhar.
g. Mr. mazhar is _ university student.
h. _ sun moves round the earth.

2. Choose the correct preposition from the list and fill in the gaps. ০.5*8=4

to, by, in, at, of

A journey often gives a pleasure. A journey (a) _ boat is also a pleasure. A journey (b)_ boat is joyful (c)_ me. Bangladesh is a land (d)_ river. So, a journey by boat is a common journey (e)_ our country.
During the last autumn vacation, I and some (f)_ my friends made a journey (g)_ boat. One of our friends invited us to go his house (h) Dohar.

3. Complete the text using the words in the list as needed. 0.5*10= 5

helpful, very , his , favourite, from,teach, such, love, interesting,

The name of my (a) _ teacher is Mr.mazhar. His method of teaching is different (b) _ other. He (c) _us the subject of English. He teaches us in (e) _ a way that we do not need read the leason again at home. He always makes our leason (f) _ . He teaches us with (g) _ . He loves us very much as (h) _ sons. After all, he is very (i) _ to us. We love him (j) _ much.

4. Make four sentences from the table. 1*4=4

He a pond.
There a boy.
Birds be beautiful.
Mazhar happy.

5. Read the following text and change the sentences as direted.
a) Bangladesh is a land of river.(interrogative)
b). Every mother loves her child (negative)
c). She was loved by the boy.(Active).
d). Are they happy. (assertive).
e). We know Mr. mazhar.(passive)

6. Fill in the gaps the right form of verbs in the bracket. Question a and j have special instructions in the brackets for the use of verbs. 0.5*8=4

My best friend’s name is Mr. mazhar . He (a) _ (‘live’ in the negative ) with his family. He b)_ (to be) a writer. He (c) _ (look) ugly but he think he is an important person. He (d) _ (have) a pen-friend named Ashapurna. He (e) _ (help) the poor. He (f) _ (share) his happiness with me. Everybody (g) _ (like) him. In the afternoon, we (h)_ (talk) and (i) _ (spend) a lot of time together. He(j) _ ( ‘to be’ in present tense’) a witty person.

7. Use appropriate punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary. 0.5*8=4

this is ashapurna chakravarty, she is indian, she has a bangladeshi friend named mazhar, she is trying to learn bangla, ashapurna chakravarty reads at gouhaty university. she talks her best friend through facebook chat

section : composition

8. Suppose your friend , Sejuti has made a brilliant result in j.s.c exam. Now write an email to him congratulating in his brilliant result . 08

9. Write a short composition on ‘Your aim in life’ in 200 words. 12

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