Write a paragraph about ‘Load Shedding’

                   Load Shedding

Load shedding means the discontinuity of supply of electricity for short or long time. It is a great problem in our country. Now-a- days it has become a part of our daily time. There are many reasons for load shedding . The insufficient production of the electricity is the main reason of it. Misuse and illegal connection of electricity are the other reasons of load shedding. It occurs mostly at night because the demand of electricity is more at night than day. It causes many other problems. Mills, factories, shops, hospitals, houses all fall victim to it. The sufferings of students know no bound. They sit in the darkness closing books during load shedding. The patients suffer because operation stops in hospitals for load shedding. Load shedding at night encourage the thieves. Domestic life becomes painful. The food kept in refrigeration get rotten. In fact, load shedding causes great sufferings to the people. However, this problem should be solved at any cost. An all out effort should be made to stop load shedding.


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