A Paragraph about ‘A RAINY DAY’

                  A RAINY DAY

On a rainy day, it rains all day long. The sky is cloudy. None can go out without an umbrella. People keeps themselves inside the house. Students can not go to schools, madrasah and colleges. Road becomes muddy and slippy. Rivers, tanks, canals become full to brim. When it rains, everyone become happy. The children play in rain water. The farmers become happy. They pray for rainfalls. They start plugging their field. People come out in rain coat. If it rains in the morning, the children will be happy because it will be a holiday for them. A cold wind blows . The weather becomes pleasant due to rain. There is also thunder and lighting. The poor suffer much on a rainy day. They can not go out in search of work and can not earn their daily food. They pass the day through sufferings. Those who have offices and other business go out with umbrella over head. Passer-by also move in the same way. A rainy day is not pleasant at all.

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