A short composition about “A Village Market”.

                        A Village Market

A village market usually sits at an open place or by a river. There are two kinds of market. One is daily and the other is weekly. Daily market is known as Bazar and sits in the morning. Weekly market is known as ‘Hat’ and sits once or twice in a week in the afternoon.

There are three categories of shops are seen in the village market. They are permanent shops, temporary shops and open space shops. The temporary shops are held in sheds having only their roofs. In these shops oil, rice, salt, etc are found. The grocers, tailors, cloth sellers, stationers and tea sellers have their permanent shops.

Again there are different sections of village market. They are the fish market, the vegetable market , the rice market , the fruit market and so on. The vegetables and fish market are the most noisy and crowded places in the market. The village market is of great use and importance to the villagers. The villagers gather there to buy and sell their necessary things.

A village market is also a meeting place for the villagers. They can meet their friends and relatives. It is the important centre of economical activities of the rural people.

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