Write a short composition about ” A Journey By Train”.


A journey is often a pleasure. A journey by train is also pleasure. A journey by train is much joyful to me. It is a common journey in Bangladesh

It was summer. My school was closed. I and some of my friends decided to go to my sister’s house in Chittagon by train. It was 2013. We reached kamalapur railway station by a taxi. We bought our tickets and got into the train at 7 a.m.

When the train whistled , the train stared moving. I sat beside a window. The train left urban area soon. Then the train began running through the green field of the rural areas. I gazed and gazed at the houses, trees and medows. My mind became cheerful. Everything seemed to be running.

Then it crossed a bridge over a river. It was an express train. It stopped only at a few big stations. At noon we reached the areas of chittagong district. I felt joy seeing hills. After seven hour, the train reached chittagong railway station at 4 p.m. We got down from the train and went to my sister’s house by a taxi. We enjoyed the journey much. It gave us much pleasure.

A journey by train is a joyful journey. We shall never forget this journey. It gave me a lot of pleasure. We enjoyed the journey very much.

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    • pogba on August 8, 2018 at 8:28 pm

    the use of english is not good

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