Write a short composition on The Rainy Season.

The Rainy Season

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The rainy season is one of them. It comes after summer. Ashar and shravan are the months of Rainy season. During the rainy season the sky is cloudy. Sometimes the sun is not seen.

During the rainy season it rains cats and dogs. So people keep themselves inside the house. Students can not go to school,madrasha, and colleges. Road become mudy and slippy. Rivers,tanks,ponds and canals become full to brim. Many villages goes under water.

The rainy season is very useful for our country. It brings alluvial silt. It makes our land fertile. Bangladesh is a land of agriculture. Our agriculture mainly depends on water. So the rainy season is a very important season for us. Rain brings much water for our land and paddy, Jute, sugarcane etc. grow rapidly. Farmers are busy in this season. They sing and work in the field with joy. The house and roads are washed away in this season. We get fishes in this season.

Sometimes the rainy season is a curse. Sometimes flood occurs and washes away our crops and houses. Several disease break out. The poor can not earn their living.

It is true that the rainy season makes earth cool after the heat of summer. The nature looks very beautiful. I like this season very much.

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