Write a paragraph on your parents.

                             My Parents

Parents are the source of our life on earth. I have also parents who are bringing up me since I was born. They are my best friends and well wishers. My father’s name is MD. Siddikur Rahman. He is a B.A. He is a businessman. He looks very smart. He goes to market on foot. When he returns home from his shop, he plays with me. Sometimes he takes me to school when he is at home. Mrs. Mahmuda is my mother. She is also a B.A. She is a house wife. She works at home. She prepares our breakfast, lunch and dinner. She takes care of us. She helps me in my studies. Everyday she takes me to school. Sometimes she tells me stories. She is a pious woman. She teaches me religion. Sometimes she goes to market. In spite of this, they always take care of my studies. They look after the whole family. My parents always wish that I may be honest, sincere, hard working, polite and first class citizen in Bangladesh.

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