A short composition on tea/a popular drink/Tea as a popular drink/The most popular drink


Tea is the most popular drink in the world today. It refreshes us and gives energy.

Tea grows in the hilly area. It grows in plenty in Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Srilanka, Thailand and Myanmar etc. In Bangladesh sylhet and chittagon are suitable place for production of tea.

Tea seeds are sown in a nursery. Tea plants grow fine tea-leaves for three years. Tea leaves are plucked four times in a year by the coolies. The leaves are dried in the sun . Then leaves are taken for processing in a factory . Then they are packed in boxes for sale.

Some tea leaves are put in a pot of boiled water. Sugar and Milk are also mixed. Thus a tasteful cup of tea is made.

Tea has become a most popular drink. People take tea every morning and evening. A cup of tea after hard working gives freshness and vigour. But it does more harm than good.

Tea is not always good for health. In hot countries it does more harm than good. Much of it is bad for health. It kills hunger.

Tea is very cheap and popular drink. Almost all rich or poor , young or old take tea once or twice a day. Tea is our cash crop. It brings huge money for our country. We get a lot of money by exporting it. So govt. should take proper care to cultivate tea.

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