A short composition on The seasons of Bangladesh

The seasons of Bangladesh

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. They are the summer, the rain, the autumn,the late autumn, the winter and the spring.

The summer is the first season in Bangali calendar. Baishakh and Jaistha make the summer season. During summer, the sun shines hotly. The heat is unbearable. Water goes dry. Pond, canals, lakes and small rivers go dry. Extreme heat makes everything lifeless. People can not work easily. Summer is also called the season of fruits. Various kinds of fruits like Mangoes, Jackfruits and other fruits of Bangladesh ripen in this season.

Then rainy season comes. Ashar and Shravan are the months of the rainy season. During the rainy season the sky looks cloudy. Sometimes the sun is not seen. It rains heavily. Rivers, tanks, ponds and canals become full to the brim. It rains cats and dogs. Students can not go to schools, madrasha and colleges. Road become mudy and slippy. The rainy season is very usful for our country. Our agriculture depends on this rain. We get enough fishes in this season.

After the rain the autumn comes. Badra and Ashin are the months of the Autumn. The cloudy sky becomes clear with the coming of the Autumn.

Then the late autumn comes. Katrick and Agrahayon make this season. It is the season of dew. The paddy begins to ripe. The farmers are busy with their harvests.

After late autumn, the winter comes. Poush and Magh are the months of Winter season. It is the season of fog. Nature becomes gloomy. People shiver in cold. Various delicious Vegetables grow and people eat them.

Falgun and chaitra make the spring. It is the king of seasons. It is neither very cold nor very hot . Nature looks beautiful. Trees get new leaves. Flower bloom. A gentle breeze blows. It is the season of joy. The cuckoo sings sweet song . It is the best of all seasons.


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