A Short Composition on Fruits of Bangladesh

 The Fruits of Bangladesh

Fruits are very delicious and they are very helpful for all. There are various kinds of fruits grown in Bangladesh. Among them, Jack fruit, mango, orange, pineapple, banana, coconut, water lemons, guavas etc. are the main fruits of Bangladesh. They are also remarkable fruits in our country.

The jackfruit is the largest of all fruits. It is our national fruit. It is found during the summer. It is very sweet and tasty.

The mango is the most popular fruit in Bangladesh. It is the king of fruits. It is very sweet and tasty. It grows all over the country. But mangoes of Rajshahi are the best.

The orange is another nutritious fruit. It gives us delicious juice. It is round in shape.

The pineapple is a juicy fruit. It grows plenty in Comilla and Sylhet. The best kind of it grows in Srimangal and Mdhupur of Tangail.

The banana is the most common fruit of Bangladesh. Everybody likes it. It is soft and tasty. The Sabri and Sagor are the best. Some green bananas are also used for cooking.

The coconut is another well known fruit in our country. It is a nutritious fruit and source of oil.

There are many other fruits such as black berries, plums, wood apples, lychi, dates etc. They are also very popular in our country. There are some fruits which taste sour. Of these, lemon, amra, kamranga, batabi, star apple are notable.

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