Discuss Twelfth Night by shakespeare as a romantic comedy.

William shakespeare has written a number of romantic comedy. Twelfth Night is one of the finest romantic comedies. we know that a romantic comedy is a play in which romantic elements are mixed with comic elements. It is a form of comedy which deals with love. Love at first sight is often its main theme. Generally a romantic comedy starts with some problems but it ends with happy. Twelfth is a typical romantic comedy by shakespeare.It has some elements which give the play a romantic air. It is romantic in its setting and theme. So twelfth Night is a romantic comedy.

Twelfth is a romantic play. Because, the passion of love dominates it. It is a tale of love ending with the ringing of marriage bells. It is a tale of love at first sight. The Duke , orsino falls in love with olivia as soon as he has seen her.Viola also love duke immediately.Olivia falls in love with cesario in the course of her first interview. This love is romantic and passionate.

A Shakespearean comedy is a romantic comedy.In twelfth Night, Shakespeare has treated love as the main theme. All the principal character in the are passionately in love. They have no other business but that of love making.They play on a note of love.

The Duke is love sick. The love also dominates the heart of andrea and malvolio.They both love the lady olivia and want to marry her.In this way,the theme of love makes the more romantic.

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