Cosider Mackbeth is a tragic hero in “Mackbeth” by shakespeare

    Mackbeth written by william shakespeare is one of the greatest tragedy of the world.It is also one of four pure tragedy of william shakespeare.Mackbeth is the central figure of this tragedy. He is considered to a tragig hero. But we find many characters which are unmacthed to be a tragic hero. Mackbeth is the cruel and tyranical. He seems to be a butcher.yet he posses some heroic qualities which make him tragedy without cruelty and tyranny. Actually, the hero of shakespeare is an exceptional person. He stands in a high position. Macbeth is presented as an ordinary beings throughout the play. He fulfils the basic requirements of a tragic hero. Shakespeare introduces him as a brave general. He represents him as bold. His fall is tragic, and arouse our pity and fear in our, Macbeth is the tragic hero in Macbeth.

Macbeth is a man of high rank. He become the king of scotland. He is compared a very eagle among sparrow and a lion amon hares. He has a high, he meets his tragic fate. But his fall arouses less sympathy that of Hamlet, King lear or Othello. As a sinner, mackbeth’s position is no better than Satan.

At the outside of the play, mackbeth meets the witches. The witches have chosen him as the victim of their machinations. Because Macbeth has a secret desire to become the king of scotland. the witches make him some predictions of fate. Macbeth begins to think of murdering king Duncan.

Mackbeth wins in the bettle field. The king of Scotland becomes very much happy to hear this news. He praises highly his cousin for this. He announces the nomination of the prince Malcolm as the heir to the throne. Hearing this the thought of murdering revives in his mind. Duncan declares that he will come to the castle of Macbeth to congratulate him. Macbeth finds his chance of becoming king and thinks of quick action. Duncan’s visiting his castle makes him more strong but Mackbeth is suffering from moral conscience.

Macbeth returns to his castle . Lady Macbeth persuade to kill Duncan for his attaining kingship. But Macbeth begins to suffer from a conflict.

Ambition of Macbeth is fired by his wife’s instruction. It becomes very strong. But after commuting murder, Macbeth can again hear disturbing protest. He hears a voice. It is the voice of his conscience.

Realizing the danger from Banquet, Macbeth murders him . But Marybeth’s wife has no share.

To sum up, we can say that Mackbeth is the hero of Shakespearean tragedy.

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    • Shah Mohammad Fuad on December 16, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    “Macbeth” is a type of Tragedy. This tragedy is also been a historical tragedy. I have seen this film. I like it very much.
    I think Macbeth as a king who appeared his wife.

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