Sketch the character of lady wishfort in Congreve’s the way of the world’.

      Lady wishfort is one of the dominating characters in “The way of the world” by William congreve.Though lady wishfort is a woman of fifty, she is pure. She makes love with Mirabell like her son as a means of winnin the heart of her niece, Mrs. Millamant.The deformities of lady wishfort’s character are drawn vividly in this play and they also provide us with a lot of comedy.

Lady wishfort is an aristrocrat. She is the mother of Mrs. Fainal who is one of the dominating character in this play but worshippers of cosmetics.she is pleasure seeking butterfly.she does not hesitate to love with the youmg boy, Mirabell. She is always ready to sleep with any one else. Once she was on the verge of going to bed unless Mirabell restrained her.

Then we find that lady wishfort is infatuated with the love of false Sir Rowland.she always keeps herself busy with garments and cosmetics.she is anxious of receiving Sir Rowland.she asks her chamber maid foible in what pose, she will receive Sir Rowland.

She suffers in indecision whether she will sit idly in the coach or stand smilingly while sir Rowland will come. Thus we find that lady wishfort is a exessively fashionable lady. It seems that she has forgotten how old she is.

Lady wishfort is extremely fashionable lady. she wants to make herself attractive. She is anxious when Foible tells her that harshes are visible on her cheeks. She feels restless to mend it and she suffers from tention and requests Foible to repair it.

Foible assure her madam that a little skill can regain her original face and beauty. Her praise may probably satisfy her lady. So, lady wishfort begins to think of sir Rowland’s arrival. Her restless and anxity is not over.
This proves her deep interest about male company. It shows how she is eager to man.

Lady wishfort is an intriguer.she is dettermined to arrange the marriage between Mrs. Millamant and Sir Rowland.she wants to do this with a view to revenge upon Mirabell. Because she thinks mirabell loved her and promised to marry.she was ready to do everything for her love for Mirabell. Her infatuation was so intense that she could go to bed with Mirabell.But Mrabell deceived her. so in order to take revenge , Lady wishfort tries to arrange such marriage. But she was frustated when Mr marwood reveals the real identity of sh makes another plan to give mirabell a good lession. she declares that she will arrange the marriage between wilfull witchwood and Mrs millamant.

To sum up we can say that Lady wishfort is an interesting character in the play.


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