Draw a character of Volpon in the play volpone by Ben jonson

          Volpone is a dominating character in the play ‘Volpone’ or ‘Fox’ by Ben jonson. Volpone is surely a vicious person. He rightly get his name from fox. He is the hero of this satiric comedy.But he comes to his nemesis at the end. He is evil in mind. But he is delightful character in some ways. There is a mixture of good and bad in him. so some critics him the ending of the play to be very harsh for a comedy. Jonson has made him evil to look attractive.

Volpone is undoubtly the study of a varice which is one of the seven sins. The love of gold spread the whole play. At the very begining of the play, we find that volpone worships the gold. Gold is his saint.

Gold is an angel to him. He worships it as man worship a doll. Volpone is a facinating character in the play volpone. He does not make money by exploiting the poor.

Volpone takes many different vole in the play with equal success. when the greedy legacy hunters come in, he pretents to be a sick man. He pretends genuinely with voltore, Corbaccio and Corvinio.when he comes to know about celia,he tries to see her beauty. Trying to seduce celia, he offers her some jwellery.

Volpone shows shrewdness in liberal measures. At the outside of the play, Mosca flatters him and tries to take some wealthy articl from his stone. Volpone successfully prevents mosca his attempt.He shows his shrewdness in quack scene. In the second court scene, voltare betray. But volpone manage this critical situation. surely there is greatness in this shrewd man.

We are impressed by the poetic qualities of volpone. It is interesing to note.In his adoration of gold, he brings beautiful images and utters some of the best lines in English Literature. His description of old age is true poetry too. His poetic feeling is seen in his attempt to seduce celia.

He sings two songs to persuade celia to enjoy the pleasure of the moment.He shows him not only as a poet but also as a philosopher.

There is villain in the character of volpone. He is a villain hero. His real villainy is shown when he attempts to rape celia.Celia is innocent and virtuous. She is not ready to surrender herself to this old man.So volpone has to use force to an unwilling woman.This is really villanious.He tries to save himself from the charge against him.

From the above discussion, we find that in the ‘volpone’ Ben jonson has portrayed the character of volpone as a gift.

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