Oct 03

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Visiting A book Fair

Visiting A book Fair

A book fair is a fair where books are displayed and sold. It is held every year all over the country. Bangladesh is a country of different fairs. Book fair is one of them. Now a day it has become very popular to all. In Bangladesh book fair is held in February. The biggest book fair in Bangladesh is held at Bangla Academy, Dhaka. Last week I visited the Ekushey book fair with some of my friends. There were hundreds of book stalls set up on different rows. All the book stalls were laden with different kinds of books. They were text books, story books, novels, drama, children books, books on history, geography, jokes and so on. All classes of people came to the book fair to enjoy. Some of them came here to visit only; some of them came here to buy books according to their taste and choice. There was an arrangement of month-long cultural program in the book fair. I got an opportunity to enjoy a cultural program. It was participated by the famous write Imdadul Haque Milan. I bought some books on story, history, novels and religion. Actually a book fair is a store house of knowledge. It is essential for all kind of people specially for the students. It widens our outlook and helps us to be wise. I was very much influenced by visiting the book fair. It is a memory of my life. I will never miss any book fair as long as I live my life.

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