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There are mainly three kinds of tense.

They are :
1. Present tense
2. Past tense
3. Future tense.
Every tense is classified in four ways. So there are total 12 kinds of tense.
They are given below with some important examples.

1. Present Indefinite Tense : Sub+ present form of main verb+object.
Examples: a. Mother cooks food.
b. Monika eats rice.
c. Mitu sings a song.
d. Habib reads a book. e. Sanzida sleeps.
f. I go to school regularly.
g.The sun rises in the east .
h.The earth moves round the sun.
i. The moon shines at night.
j. Sujon walks in the morning everyday. k. Mitu goes to bed at 10 pm daily.
m. All players exercise regularly.
n. I see the girls often.
o.Birds usually live in tree.
p. Mother reads the quran everyday.
q. She generally goes there by bus.
r. Sometimes her mother goes to market.
s. Monika always goes to school on foot.
t. She goes to mosque on Friday.
u. We play criket on Monday.
v. She always returns home by bus.
w. Father comes home twice in a week.
x. The doctor comes here every week.
y. It is occasionlly
z. A liar man always speaks lies.
a. I see a flying bird.
b. I feel unwell.
c. we do not believe a liar.
d. Anisa is a student. e. Muntaha is the best girl in the class.

2. Past Indefinite tense: Sub+past form of the main verb+object.
a. Monika went out ten minutes ago.
b. She came here yesterday.
c. Habib went to market yesterday.
d. I met her yesterday. e. She met me long ago.
f. He met me long since.
g. I went to london last year.
h. Her father was a teacher.
i. Mamun lived with his family.
j. Sanzida loved me.
k. I helped her to do her homework.
l. It flew from here to there.
k. She called me by name.
l. Last winter, Habib’s school had a holiday.
m. I had a bird.
n. Once upon a time there lived a two cats in a house.
o. Once a queen was jealous of the beauty of her step daughter snow white.
p. He had two sons.
q. I saw her last week.
r. The patient died.
s. Children made a lot of noise.
t. She liked to eat with me.
u. Father brought a bird.
v. She wanted a bird.
w. He used to visit us.
x. we left the place.
y. The doctor came.
z. She wrote a letter.
m. We enjoyed the game.
n. He killed himself.
o. She hurt herself.
p. I saw her eating.

3.Future indefinite tense: Sub+shall/will+ present form of verb.
Some importants examples: a. They will buy the house.
b. I will go to Dhaka tomorrow.
c. We will go there next week.
d. I will help her.
e. We will finish the work next year.
f. She will come.
g. We will make him a captin.

4. Present continuous tense:sub+am/is/are +main verb+ing+object.
a. Mitu is working now.
b. Father is listening to the radio.
c. Mazhar sir is teaching English in the class now.
d. Mitu is doing her homework now.
e. I am living in Dhaka city at present.
f. The water is boiling.
g. She is swimming today.
h. Now I am writing a letter.
i. Now she is spending her holiday with me.
j. Today we are playing cricket.
k. Parents are waiting to meet them.
l. She is drawing a picture.
m. She is helping her mother.
n. Mother is looking for me.
o. They are sitting under the tree.
p. They are coming home.
q. Mother is cooking food.

5. Past continuous tense:Sub+was/were +main verb+ing.

Examples:a.I was reading a book.
b.We were playing cricket.
c. She was writing a letter.
d. They were playing football.
e. We were eating rice.
f. The girl was singing a song.
g. Mother was reading quran.
h. Father was listening radio.
i. The boy was swimming in the pond.
j. You were playing ludu.

6.Future Continuous Tense: Sub+ will be/ shall be + ing + object.
a. We will be eating rice.
b. They will be playing ludu.
c. She will be singing a song.
d. I will be reading a book.
e. Mother will be reading a quran.
f. Th girl will be sleeping.
g. I will be teaching them.
h. The girl will be boiling milk.
i. Mr. Mazhar will be making a story.
j. The women will be taking water.

7. Present Perfect Tense: Sub+ have/ has + p.p form of main verb.
a. I have eaten rice.
b. They have played cricket.
c. We have enjoyed the game.
d. She has drawn a picture.
e. Mr. Mazhar has written a letter.
f. You have made a story.
g. I have read the novel.
h. We have visited the place.
i. The girl has sung a song.
j. He has told a story.

8. Past perfect Tense: Sub+ had + p.p. form of main verb.
a. We had enjoyed the game.
b. They had played ludu.
c. Mother had cooked special dishes.
d. Mazhar sir had taught us English.
e. The girl had written a letter.
f. You had eaten rice.

9. Future Perfect Tense: Sub+ will have/ shall have + p.p of main verb.
a. Mother will have read quran.
b. Mazhar sir will have made a story.
c. Siddik master will have taught her a good lesson.
d. The girl will have sung a song.
e. You will have read a book.
f. We will have praised Siddik master.
g. They will have played cricket.

10. Present perfect continuous tense: sub+have been/ has been+main verb+ing.
Examples: a.We have been eating rice for an hour.
b.It has been raining for two hours.
c.It has been raining since morning.
d.We have been playing for two hours.
e. I have been reading a book for two hours.
f.He has been reading a book for two hours.
f.I have been teaching here for four yours.
g.Monika has been waiting in the class since 9am.
h.She has been reading a book for one hour.
i.He has been driving the car since morning.
j.We have been waiting here for a long time.
k.The girl has been waiting here since morning.
l.we have been learning English for six years.
m. I have been teaching in this school since 1999.

11. Past perfect continuous tense: Sub+had been +main verb+ing.+object.

a.I had been reading for two hours.
b. Mitu had been sleeping for two hours.
c.He had been writing for three hours.
d.Habib had been living in Dhaka for ten years .
e.Sanzida had been working for three years.
f.Mamun had been eating for an hour.
g. Sujon had been wating for two hours.
h.They had been talking for four hours.
i.children had been playing for four hours.
12. Future perfect continuous tense:sub+shall have been/will have been+main verb+ing.

Examples:I shall have been reading a book.
b.He will have been writing for two hours.
c.They will have been playing for two hours.
d.She will have been living here since 2016.
e.He will have been teaching in this school since 2023.

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