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Feb 20

Rules of Transformation of Sentence

Rules of Simple, Complex and Compound  Generally, transformation of sentence is the most important topic for the students of SSC and HSC levels. But most of the students are very worried of the topic. To make it easy, I have tried to give some instructions and shortcut way so that they can understand it easily.  …

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Feb 12

Practice of Transformation of Sentence

Change the sentences according to directions.  1. a) Unemployment is a state when a man has no work to earn money. (Simple)              b) It is a social evil which hampers the progress of social life. (Compound)                        c) The …

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May 10

Exclusive Transformation of Sentence

Transformation of sentence 1. He is not as young as I expected. (Comparative) Comparative: He is less young than I expected. He is as competent as any other applicant. (Comparative) Comparative: He is not more/less competent than any other applicant. There is no mystery as great as misery. (Comparative) Comparative: Misery is greater than any …

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Mar 01

Transformation of Sentence

                                 Transformation of Sentence Assertive Sentence to Interrogative Sentence   No Assertive Sentence Interrogative Sentence 01.                  be verbSubject + have verb do verb modal verb Be verbHave verb   + Subject … …? Do verb Modal verb

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