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Jan 30

Right Form of Verbs for HSC 2015

Right Forms of Verbs (All Boards)   DHAKA BOARD – 2011 require achieve take become consider learn rise Education is often compared to light and (a) — as the pillar of human civilization. So, it is only education which can make a nation (b) — to the level of standard development. From this point of …

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Feb 25

Exercise on the right form of verbs

Complete the passages with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in the correct tenses and you can add any modal auxiliary if necessary. Use negatives where necessary.                   1.                                   …

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Nov 17

Model Test for Class Seven

1. Change the sentences according to the direction                                                                                  05 Mother said to her son, “Do …

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May 21

Some important right form of verbs

Rule-1: The + adjective = noun (plural). Example: 1. The rich (be) happy. Ans. are 2. The pious [be] happy. 3. The honest [be] believed by all. 4. The poor [be] helpless. 5. The virtuous [be] happy. Rule-2: All+plural verb

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Nov 09

Right Form of Verbs Part 03

Right Form of Verbs Part 03 101. It’s time —– (go) now. 102. Many a man —– (do) so. 103. I let him —– (enter) into the room. 104. I cannot help —– (laugh). 105. Would you mind —– (dance) with us? 106. I am used to —– (swim) in the river.

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Oct 18

Right Form of Verbs Part 02

Right Form of Verbs Part 02 61. Either the boy or his friends (be) —– guilty. 62. Neither the members nor the chairman (be) —– present in the meeting. 63. Neither he nor his friends (has) —– done the work. 64. I, you and Habib are present in the class. 65. You, Habib and I …

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Oct 17

Model Test on Correction

Model Test Full marks: 55 Time: 1 hour 1. Heard the noise the boy woke up. 2. How many money is there? 3. Are there some rice? 4. There are five Rahim in our class. 5. There are a lot of water in this glass.

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Oct 15

Right Form of Verbs Part 01

Right Form of Verbs 1. What you (do) —– now? 2. Why Mr. Kamal (look) —– so happy? 3. No sooner had the students (see) —– the headmaster than they (enter) —– into the class room. 4. It is many years since I (do) —– it. 5. Many years have passed since his parents (die) …

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