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May 26

Pronoun and its classifications

Pronoun and its classifications There are 8 kinds of pronoun. They are : 1. Personal Pronoun. 2. Demonstrative Pronoun. 3. Interrogative pronoun. 4. Relative Pronoun. 5. Indefinite pronoun. 6. Distributive Pronoun. 7. Reflexive pronoun. 8. Reciprocal pronoun.

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May 25

The parts of speech,kinds of parts of speech with definition and examples.

The parts of speech: Every word of a sentence is a parts of speech. There are 8 kinds of parts of speech. They are: 1.Noun. 2.Pronoun. 3.Adjective. 4.Verb. 5.Adverb.

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Mar 26

Grammertical Term

A Active verb: The subject does the action of the verb: Subject verb object e.g. The boy hit the ball. Adjective: A word that modifies a noun (someone or something). e.g. The little boy hit the big, blue, ball. Adjective clause: A dependent clause that modifies (describes) a noun. Another name is a relative clause. …

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