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Exercise on Voice Change

Exercise on Voice Change 1. Let him say whatever he likes. Let him be said whatever he likes. 2. Do away with it. Let it be done away with. 3. He let me sing. I was let sing by him. 4. Such cruelty cannot be tolerated. We cannot tolerate such cruelty.

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Voice Change

Model Test on Voice Change Marks: 1×50=50                                                                    Time: 1 hour 1.     They should bring some books.(pass) 2.     They could easily perform their duties .(pass) 3.    Tomorrow he will bring a new history book of India.(pass) 4.     Really they might follow his directions.(pass) 5.     Should they bring glory for their motherland? (pass) 6.     They should bring glory for their motherland. (pass) 7.     My …

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