PEC English Model Test 2016

                              English Model Test for PEC 2016

Full Marks: 100                                                           Time: 2:30 Hours

Read the passage and answer the questions 1,2,3 and 4.

Babul and his family live in the island of Dublar Char. Life is good for the family now, but that wasn’t true after Cyclone Aila. Babul does not remember Cyclone Aila but his parents often talk about that terrible night in 2009. Babul’s father had a grocery shop and his mother worked in a fish farm. They had a small house that they shared with Babul’s grandparents. Babul was just a baby, but his sister Nipa was six years old. Babul’s father told him what happened that day. There was light rain in the morning on 25 May. In the afternoon, the wind started to blow and people began to run for their home. His grandparents checked the family’s emergency kit. The torch was working and they had extra batteries. They put the torch, batteries and first aid kit in plastic box. By the evening the river was rising. The winds of Cyclone Aila shook the walls of the house as if there was an earthquake. Everyone was afraid. Nipa began to cry. Suddenly, there was an awful noise and the family’s roof blew away. The sky was dark, but the family could see trees flying over their heads. Grandmother still says she saw fish flying through the sky.      Continue reading