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Passage Narration Practice for HSC Students

                                              Narration Practice Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches.  “What is your opt occupation?” asked the king. “I do not work at all”, said the stranger, “I wander about God’s kingdom …

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Rules of Narration: Interrogative Sentences

JUNIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION ( JSC ) – 2017 Preparation Narration/ Speech Changing Changing of some words in Indirect: This – That, These – Those, Here – There, Ago – Before, Come – Go, (Note: go cannot be come) Thus – so, Hither – thither, Today – that day, Tomorrow – the next day/the following …

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Rules of Passage Narration

Rules of Passage Narration 1. প্রথমত, পুরো Passage টি পড়ে কে Speaker এবং কেAudience তা চিহ্নিত করতে হবে। তারপর তাদের উক্তিগুলোর Mood বা ক্রিয়ার ধরন চিহ্নিত করতে হবে। 2. Direct Speech এর ক্ষেত্রে Reporting Verb টি বাক্যের মাঝে বাশেষে থাকলে  Indirect করার ক্ষেত্রে অবশ্যই Direct Speech  কে Sentence এর শুরুতে আনতে হবে। Dir: “You look a little bit like my mother,” Hassan said to the lady, “Especially in the dark by the fire.”

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